Sunday, September 28, 2008

Where I live

I live in a small house surrounded by other small houses located on low lying land (everything around us is either on a mountain or on pseudo ground supported by giant concrete pedestals). To be specific, there is a three story electronic store directly in front of my house. It would be around a 5-7 minute walk directly there...if it were on the same level as my house. Since the ground it's on is about 3 stories up, getting there is significantly more difficult. Located on the closer side of the road from the electronics store is a KFC (yes, the fast food chain) and a men's clothing store. So close, and yet so far. KFC plays a special role in Japanese culture; more on that later.
This is kojima; you can see the KFC to the left. On a quiet day, I can hear the kojima theme song through my open window over and over and over and...

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