Sunday, September 21, 2008


I'm in Fukuoka right now. I'll be leaving in an hour or so to head to Nagasaki for orientation and stuff. I don't have time for an elaborate post now, but in the meantime enjoy some pictures of Fukuoka as seen through my hotel room window.

Down the road a little bit behind those busses is a nice 24hr convenience store, where I picked up some fantastic candy at 6am.

Below the buildings are railroad tracks where both the shinkansen (bullet train) and subway travel.

Some characteristics of the hotel room I'm staying in that may or may not be different from American hotels:

you have to keep your room key in a wall receptacle for the electricity to work (took awhile to figure this out)
tea/teapot (no coffee)
smart toilet (more on these later)
air conditioning (I was really surprised to see this given energy costs in Japan)
free internet
RGB adapter on the TV
free toothbrush/paste (I don't usually see these free in hotels)

The hotel also has a public bath.

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