Monday, September 29, 2008

Pop Culture, Insects, and Spiders

Tommy Lee Jones is the advertising icon for Boss coffee drinks. His face is plastered on vending machines, walls, signs, etc. all over. Disney and Thomas the Tank Engine are very popular here as well. The 100円 shop has sections devoted to both. There is a Thomas the Tank Engine theme park somewhere in Japan. Hello Kitty is still quite popular/fashionable also.

Mosquitos here are really fast. They are as hard to swat as houseflies are in the states. They are black with white lines on the legs. There was a really ferocious spider in between the screen and my window yesterday. I put my finger against the window, and it would put its front legs up in attack position. If I moved my finger around, it would articulate its body at the torso to follow. If I stopped, it would jump at my finger to attack it (and knock itself into the window). This happened a few times before I coerced it outside. Picture of the spider (it's a little bigger than a nickel):


Jay said...

I noticed the tommy lee jones ads while on vacation in JP this summer. thought it was kinda funny, almost like Bill murray's character in Lost in Translation. a fairly washed up American actor taking ona large scale ad campaign in Japan. great blog ill be exchanging to Nagasaki next fall cant wait!!

Ryann W. said...

Hey Jay, If you are going to Nagasaki Fall of 2010 we should talk (even if your not new friends are cool) I plan to be there at the same time. My e-mail is ^_^