Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Internet in Japan

I have now secured an internet connection in Japan. I'm splitting the cost of 4000円 a month with my homestay brother for a fast broadband connection. I've still been writing entries despite the lack of an internet connection and will soon be putting up posts en masse.

Wireless and wired internet seems to be as readily available here as in the states, and it is comparable in price and speed. However, I cannot access the IPFW netmail server or MSN instant messenger. Suggestions would be appreciated.

I'm going out tonight to research cell phones more closely. Japanese cell phones are often in the market for a year are two here before making it to the states. What's new and trendy in the U.S. is typically obsolete here in terms of technology. Cell phones here are also exceedingly cheap. I intend to buy one quite soon.

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