Wednesday, November 12, 2008

School Festival

If you watch anime or any Japanese school drama/movies/etc. you probably have an idea of what our festival was like. The festival was Sat-Sun, and classes were cancelled Friday for preparation. Outside there were lines of booths around the school grounds and along the parking area. The festival had an international theme, and the booths sold country specific food. Although, some booths also sold crafts or had games. The money went to fund the student run clubs, or into the pockets of those who ran the booths, as was the case with the American students. Most of the stuff was outside, although there were some themed “cafes” inside the classrooms. There was a German restaurant and a room offering traditional tea ceremony, for example. The American students sold fried chicken and hot dogs, which was nice.

Some of the events that were put on during the festival: kanji competition, reading competitions (English, Chinese, and Korean), plays, hip-hop dancing show, flamenco dancing show, karaoke competition, and a fashion show. There were a couple larger scale competitions on Sunday which brought in people from outside the school. One was a singing competition sponsored by Sony, and the other was a dancing competition. The people that did the dragon dance for O-kunchi gave a performance on the grounds Sunday morning.

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