Sunday, October 5, 2008

Walking to school

My school is on top of a half-mountain, and I live on land that is comparatively lower than the surrounding area, so my walk to class is more vertical than horizontal.

I head out of my house and walk down the road a little ways, then I go up this ramp which is sometimes traversed by scooters and small vehicles. Then I go up that set of stairs with the white railing.
After going up that set of stairs I walk across this path. I turn, walk up another little path, and then reach more stairs...
The tan-ish house is the one I am staying in. The picture is taken from the above path.
I eventually reach this set of decaying stairs. This set is then followed by two more before I reach the road.
I have a relatively decent view of the area from the road, although the view from the upper floor of campus is much grander.
Once I get to the road, I walk uphill for awhile before I reach campus. The blue signs state the school's name in kanji. This road only leads up to campus.
It is a relatively uncomfortable walk on hot days.


Jhangora said...

Lovely pics.Very beautiful.

HistoryProf said...

And we wonder why the Japanese are in such good shape.